Here to help - things we love to untangle..

Asset Disposal

Need room for new stock ranges or have obsolete stock or equipment.

We can help you free up your space quickly.


Cost Savings

From stationary, office equipment and uniforms to fork lifts and vehicles we have hundreds of contacts to compare your existing supplies cost and save you money.

If we do not save you money we do not charge you.


Facilities Management

Running a business is time consuming - let us help with the day to day management of your site.  We can arrange PAT testing, Fixed wire testing, Fire alarm and security testing, water testing, equipment inspections.

We can manage it all for you.


Utility Analysis

Managing your gas, electric and water bills can be a minefield with lots of calls on a daily basis offering to save you money.  We have a long relationship with one of the top brokers in the country and we can reduce your bills and save you hassle.


Procedure Management

Even with the best procedures in place sometimes with new staff the correct way of doing things can get lost in translation.  We can help you document and flow chart your processes ensuring continuity of service.


Property Management

If you have one or many rented properties we can arrange to inspect them on a regular basis so they are kept to the schedule of condition required by the landlord saving you from any nasty bills when disposing of the property at the end of the lease term.   We can also arrange full dilapidation reports.


Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is a big task but we can help point you in the right direction getting a plan laid out in the event of an unfortnate incident.  From collating details of suppliers and key staff to sourcing an alternate base for operations and dealing with insurance companies.

Print Management

With over two decades dealing with the print industry we have lots of contacts to choose from to enable your business to get the best finish and the best price.  From flyers and brochures to exhibition graphics and signage.  We can also help design too.

Risk Management

There can be lots of risks in the work place we can help you produce a risk management plan and keep it up to date for you with quarterly or six monthly visits. Combined with our Facilities cover we can also carry out PAT, fire and water testing too.

Logistics Planning

If you are running a business proving goods and are concerned about your service levels we can help identify and eliminate problem areas.  From picking and goods in to the fleet management.   We also partner with a number of tracking and dash cam solution providers.

Data Analysis

Trawling through data might not be the best job in the world but here at untangled with our Excel knowledge we can help you find the information you need.   Big or small we can undertake it for you.

Insurance Savings

Having had many years dealing with both commercial and fleet insurance experience we partner with a number of top UK brokers to get you a better deal.  We can also handle claims on your behalf.

Property Purchase and Rent Negotiations

We can help find your next commercial property to either rent or purchase.  We have a network of agents across the UK. Just give us the area and we can locate the property for you.  We can also help with the schedule of condition, the lease and rent renewal negotiations.

Service Agreements

Let us manage your service agreements.  We can book in and send you reminders when services are due from Air conditioning and boiler maintenance to Fork lift LOLER inspections.  We can also help with offering alternate costs on new contracts as we partner

with hundreds of service companies.

Let us untangle your business processes.  Contact us today.